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A Really bad story, but with a point?

I needed to kill time. So for the first time in 5 years, I wrote a story. I wrote it in about 7 minutes using a pencil, and then a pen. It is not the most interesting story, but I feel it iluminates a point. This is not a story about me, but the words of the male charactor are mine.
It had been a very slow day. He had been digging a ditch at the side of the road all day, his ocupation for the last three years, and for his forseeable future.

The light surprised him, but it really shouldn't of. Cars had been passing him all day, and because of teh fedural safty mandate, they all had their lights on.

At first he didn't look up from his ever so ingrossing task, but then he realized that this light was really very different from all the others that had been shining on him that day.

The light was of an orangish tint, and was comming from the sky. He looked up and could not tell where it was comming from, but the sun seemed the most promising prospect to him.

The roar of an approching car filled his ears as he gazed at the sky, and then in an instant the orangish glow intensified to an almost blinding hight. Before he knew what was happening it was over, and everything was pitch black.

He had not recovered from his surprise when the car he had heard before intruded into his concence, as it crested the hill, and bathed him and the road in front of it in light. The car was already slowing down as he slowly turned to look at it, and it was 20 feet away when its momentom abated.

For a long moment the car stood still, and then the drivers door opened, and its driver exited, her head pointed to the sky.

He started walking torward her, his head sympatheticly glancing back to that alfuly dark sky, looking for some sort of reasuring light, any light. As he reached her, he saw a loan star bink into sight. The woman said, "I think the world is about to end, borther. Pray that the lord will have mercy on our souls." He watched the soul start darken and disapear as he thought about the fact that the end of humanity was very likly upon them. Then he spoke, quitely, but with a little distain. "I may be a simple man, but even I know that God is nothing but a cruch of the weak minded. I have never prayed, and I see no reason to start now."

There it is. I hope I will conduct myself the same way if simlar events befall me. As for the story, I fell that ending is the most powerful I could have, but also the least satasfying. Alternate endings would investigate the end of the world, both by coming up for so hairbrained idea as to why the sun died, and exploring what sort of human behavior you would see in the last few hours (ok, maybe days if you are lucky). Or you could focus just on the interactions between him and her. Who knows, one might convert the other (surely he would win, based on my bias). Sex might enter the picture (well, the world is going to end for them, and soon. At least a interesting way to end it all.) I don't think I will end it at all, however. It is more interesting to play around in my mind with the different paths this story could take. Rather than complain about its imcompletness, do the same. Heck, you can even write it down as long as you credit me with the original setting. (c)1997 Alan Robison