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I    used    to    feel    cramped    here

     I used to feel as follows:
     It's not that I don't feel grateful for the free web space, but .2 meg 
     is not enough.  Sigh.
     I really wanted to put up my pictures of the doom beta on
     this web page, but with .2 megs I could only have 4 or 5 of 
     them, not enough to make it worthwhile. 
     Maybe someday TriPod will give us more space.
     But guess what, Tripod now gives us 2 megs of space!  Rock that, VT!
     (VT is the college I go to, where you get .5 megs of space for your web
     page.  And I am paying big bucks for that space, too!

??????????????A   Real   OS???????????????

I want to use a real OS, not Windows95, not DOS, and not LINUX. LINUX is the best of the lot, but hey, it requires some real nasty stuff, like mounting disks all the time. Plus XFree86 is a real pain to setup.

I want a OS that can run forever, even when being upgraded. This can be done. Simply keep a list of all function calls, and there location, and then when new code gets loaded, go back and change the location that each call points too.

Wala! Now we have hot loading drivers, app's, and what ever. Cool, huh? Yes, it would slow things down a little, but lets face it, computing cycles are free now.

It's time for a change.

Alan Robinson
Floyd (or somewhere nearby), VA
United States

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