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YakIcons Shrine

[What the Hell is YakIcons?] [I wanna know more!] [How did you find out about YakIcons]

What the Hell is YakIcons?

YakIcons is/was a game programming library for DOS under under Borland C++ 3.1, later under Watcom C++, and someday, under Windows95. That should loose 95% of you right there.

I wanna know more!

YakIcons is a set of C++ classes designed to help DOS programmers write games. They, like so many other class libs, are built upon a function based graphics and input library, called XLib (that's X-Mode graphics, not XWindows).

How did you find out about YakIcons?"

(Or, Alan, will you tell me a story?)

Way, Waaaaaaaaaaay back, when I first descoverd the internet (on a NeXT, a fine machine to do so with), I started reading, and downloading all sorts of cool software and source for game programming. (Biline, back then there was *no* spam at all. Can you believe? None at all! Some off topic posting, but that was the extent of it). I had found out all sorts of cool things, including the two most important things too me, how to detect more than one key press at a time on the keyboard, and how to interface with the joystick, when I came upon the product anouncement for a freeware c++ game programming enviroment. I looked at it, and thought, I already have the code I am looking for, why do I need all this? I can figure out how to do graphics programming (Yeah, right! Uneducated, I was). But then, I thought, it's only 250k, I have space to put it on a diskette, I will get it. Thank god I did. Everything else I downloaded that night was pointless and quickly forgoten, but for a few years, Yakicons became a part of my game programming life.

So, what sort of person would write a shrine to a C++ game programming kit? Go here, to find out! Then Email me!