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Stunts Shrine

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Stunts is a driving game. Simply put, it RULES! Writen by Distinctive Software, this program was distributed, as near as I can tell, by two different companys, under two different names, Stunts, and 4D Sports Driving. It was released sometime in 1991, to give you an idea of what we are talking about. Yes, it is fairly old.

Why I like Stunts

Stunts is simple to pay. It runs on almost all machines. And most importantly, it has a most kick ass track editor. Well, not quite, the editor has many limitations, but I have yet to see a program that comes with as good a editor for its files.

Where can I get it?

Sadly, you can not buy this software in stores. On the happy side, you can warez a copy off the net, however, the easy to find copy will not run on my machine, so it may not run on yours either. Check out the Stunts web ring, you will find the download with out much trouble. Considering it is just over one meg in size, what do you have to loose? (Besides lots of free time playing the game!)

Me & Stunts

I play with the keyboard and joystick, having not decided which is better. On the other hand, I am sure that the manual mode is better if you wish a high score, but I still use the automatic mode since that mode is much easier. Perhaps this accounts for my fastest time of 1:13 on the default track, a full 6 seconds shorter than the best time on the net. You might be able to blame it on my version of stunts, but studys have shown (mine, actuly), that my version has the fastest cars. Or something like that.

Stunts 1.1 Vs 4D Sports Driving

Scientific Studies show ...... That stunts will soak up way to much of your free time! So you should at least be driving the finest version of the program while you are at it! Go here to find out which is better, at least from my short testing.

Other Stunts Sites

So this isn't the most exciting Stunts page on the net. You can find that here. Let me close out with a request: Mindscape & Broderbund, please release Stunts/4D for free, and with source, so that it can be improved.

So, what sort of person would write a shrine to a 6 year old driving game? Go here, to find out! Then Email me!